Truck Loans

Our company name is fast truck loans, but we are so much more. Fast Truck Loans has programs for old trucks, new trucks, high mileage trucks, custom trucks, glider kit trucks, and much more.  Our clients include startup companies , small companies, companies with bad credit, owner operators, fortune 500 companies and much more. 

Emergency Loans

Sometime $%#@ happens. A truck incurs an unexpected expense form a breakdown, a tire blown or just out of gas money. Our Truckers are unstoppable because of hard work and support from Fast Truck Loans. A big repair can put a small trucking company out of business.    

Invoice Advances

Your bills come every month for your business.  Unfortunately many load providers and vendors take as much as 90 days to pay for your hard earned work.  Fast Truck Loans can help with advancing you the money on the day you bill your pull source instead of a waiting months. Advances on your invoices could allow you to grow your business faster and stronger. There are no hidden fees or monthly fees with our advances, only a small charge for each advance.